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„There are not many places from which you can get to seven UNESCO heritage sites in one hour“. 

Village Bratřice is situated in Vysocina Region, under the Stražiště Hill (739 m).

  • The municipal office building  is situated in the village square. In the same building there is a restaurant, a small shop, the village office with a conference room and a small library.
  • In the village square there is a playground and a sportground. 
  • Behind the village office is a small swimming pool.

village square

village pool

The village environs offer a possibility of hiking in the surrounding forests full of mushrooms and wild strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. There is a system of hard-surface roads which can be used for shorter cycling trips throughout the forests. On the bike you can also get to more remote places, such as Pacov, Lukavec, the castle of Kámen, the Želiv monastery, Blaník hill etc.)

black pond


Email: obec@bratrice.cz 

Tel. +420 773 989 477

Address: Obec Bratřice, Bratřice 11, 395 01 Pacov, Czech Republic.